Capillary installation will reduce operating cost and requires less maintenance.  It saves on downtime with continuous chemical injection.

Improved Production Technology, LLC. (IPT) has been in the capillary business since 2000. IPT provides production chemicals and capillary services to the Oil and Gas Exploration and production companies.

We use small capillary tubing to deliver foaming agents and other chemical treatments on a continous basis to maximze production.

The IPT system gives you control of your chemical treatments. With the IPT System, you will be able to control with precision the amount, timing and depth of your chemical treatments.

For example, Fluid Loading is an ideal IPT System application. IPT has helped clients eliminate Fluid Loading by continuous foamer treatments.

Other examples include Salt Accumulation and CO2. The IPT system can continously deliver fresh water and chemicals to successfully eliminate salt bridges in production tubing and restricted perforations. Also, the IPT system can extend the life of your production tubing by reducing CO2 and H2S damage with a continuous and customized application of corrosion inhibitors.